Life & Culture

At Promise Academy, we believe that it is important for our students to be exposed to diverse cultures and have experiences that will show them what the world has to offer.

Life & Culture at Promise Academy

It was the vision of the Board of Trustees in 2005, when the school began, that Promise Academy would offer opportunities for our students that would expand their horizons and enrich their lives.

Field Trips

Students participate in numerous field trips during their time at Promise. The Board felt strongly that if we are going to truly educate our students, we need to expose them to diverse cultures and provide them experiences that will show them what the world has to offer.
The field trips are coordinated with the classroom curriculum and extend their learning. They are shown what the city of Memphis has to offer and also other nearby cities such as Nashville and Chattanooga.
Students visit the five colleges that are located in Memphis to learn what college life is like and encourage them in their educational dreams.
At the conclusion of each experience students reflect on what they have seen and learned. These reflections are cumulative and provide a journal that will serve as a reminder to the students of their time at Promise and also what they have experienced