Parent Academy

Join us for monthly meetings to get involved in your child’s education! We offer family engagement opportunities, resources, and more.

Family Engagement

Promise Academy recognizes how integral schools are to their communities, and how much parents and communities offer as partners when fundamental change must occur in schools. Our school exists to educate the children in this community, and we recognize and embrace our families and community and the impact of their input on what happens inside of our building.

Parent Academy

Parents are full partners in the decisions that affect Promise Academy scholars and families. The purpose of Parent Academy is to engage families with the school community, encourage parent awareness and involvement during events, generate ideas for parent and family programming, and participate as volunteers during events or programs. Parent Academy meets on the first Friday of every month.

Home-School Connection

Keeping parents informed makes a positive difference in our scholars’ educational experience. Parents need to know what we expect from our scholars. Connecting with them through positive communication helps them reinforce the right academic habits and classroom behavior that will help students succeed. Promise Academy provides parent educational activities throughout the school year to help parents support their children’s learning and frequently communicate school performance, student progress, personalized learning strategies through biweekly progress reports, phone calls, positive notes home, and newsletters

Progress Reports

Sent home biweekly to inform parents of scholar academic progress. Progress reports are updated by teachers and include a rubric of our values, conduct, and the academic standards.

Phone Calls

In an effort to show our parents how much we appreciate them and their scholar, teachers make phone calls to share something positive about each scholar. Teachers make “sunshine calls” every Tuesday.

Positive Notes

Scholars receive positive notes home as a reward for maintaining our values and exceeding behavior or academic expectations.


Promise Academy parents receive school and classroom newsletters. School newsletters are sent out to parents several times during the month. The newsletter includes upcoming events and community happenings, it highlights the Scholars of the Month and important opportunities for parents and scholars.

Teachers send home classroom newsletters every Monday. Classroom newsletters include the skills for the week in each content area, school and classroom reminders.