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Promise Academy Springhill was founded in 2014 with the simple goal of providing every child with a quality learning experience every day! The word “Promise” speaks to our commitment to our students, families and staff. Our families have entrusted us with providing their children with a rewarding, inviting, caring, nurturing, learning environment. We take this trust very seriously and strive to live up to and exceed our community’s high expectations.
Our central and only work is to teach and inspire the mind, body and spirit of our children so that they can succeed in any academic or cultural setting. Promise Academy is committed to preparing children to excel in the nation’s most rigorous schools.
We approach our mission with a clear focus on academics and with a special focus on reading. This is our commitment to the MIND. We believe that physical well-being contributes to academic success and is essential to children’s development and happiness throughout life. This is our commitment to the BODY. We recognize that our children’s success in adulthood and their contributions to society all begin as a matter of personal will. We accept the responsibility to nurture our children’s will to succeed, to give them a sense of purpose and boundless possibilities and to instill in them the confidence and drive to participate fully in our commerce and culture. This is our commitment to the SPIRIT.
At Promise Academy we are committed to Keeping our Promise by Preparing Every Child, Every Day, for LIFE!

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Open to any student who submit a timely application.
Teaching mastery of required national/state standards.
We partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Memphis.

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At the core of a Promise Academy, education is the unwavering belief in the humanity and potential of each of our children. We remain committed to providing our scholars with a holistic and rigorous education