From the Executive Director’s Desk Nov 6, 2023

Dear Promise Academy Charter School Parents,
As we enter the month of November, we want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude
for your ongoing involvement and support in your child’s education journey at Promise Academy
Charter Schools. Your dedication and commitment to your child’s success play a pivotal role in
shaping their academic growth and overall development.
We understand that your busy schedules can sometimes make it challenging to stay engaged with
your child’s school life, but we encourage you to continue making the effort to be actively involved.
Your presence and participation make a significant difference in your child’s educational
We have a few important reminders and suggestions to help you stay connected and continue

fostering a positive learning environment for your child:

  1. iReady for Reading and Math: We strongly encourage you to dedicate at least 30 minutes
    every weekend to iReady for reading and math with your child (a total of 60 minutes). This
    online program is a valuable resource that can enhance their skills and comprehension in
    these crucial subjects. Regular practice at home complements what they learn in the
  2. Homework Folder: Please make it a habit to check your child’s homework folder regularly. This
    folder contains essential communication from the school and your child’s teacher, including
    homework assignments, announcements, and updates. Your active involvement in monitoring
    your child’s progress is greatly appreciated.
  3. School Events: We invite you to attend the various events and activities organized by our
    school throughout the year. These events provide opportunities for you to connect with other
    parents, teachers, and staff while gaining insights into your child’s educational experiences.
    Your presence at these events is a powerful demonstration of your commitment to your
    child’s education.
  4. Promise Power Parents or P3: If you’re interested in taking your involvement to the next level,
    consider joining Promise Power Parents (P3), our parent advocacy team. P3 members work
    closely with the school to support initiatives and advocate for the best interests of our
    students. Your active participation in P3 can make a significant impact on our school
    We are in school this Friday, November 10, 2023 as a make up day for beginning school late due to
    power outages we encountered in August of this year. Thank you for your understanding in this
    At Promise Academy Charter Schools, we take immense pride in the collaboration between
    parents, teachers, and the community. Together, we will accomplish our vision of excellence and
    innovation in education!
    Thank you for being such incredible partners in your child’s education. We look forward to
    continuing our journey together and witnessing the growth and achievement of all our scholars.
    Warm regards,

Patrick Washington, Ed.D.